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At DACSTV, our goal is to support art and cultural activities. Whether you want something combine with DACSTV for more creative work, or just need DACSTV service for special event, we hope to have answered your inquiry to your satisfaction. We believe that you have your own creativity which is need DACSTV for your support of art and culture activity. We create flattering, contemporary looks for our guests, specializing in versatile styles for everyday life.

Our mission is to enrich people’s lives with pleasant holiday moments and memories with activities and concepts that have artistic and cultural value in Malaysia.

Our assets are: upgrading holiday rooms with artistic and cultural concepts, as well as providing other additional services for excellent and genuine hospitality.


DACSTV Room – experience of outstanding service and hospitality since 2009! 

DACSTV for Booking Special Rooms is located in the most historic or beachfront areas in Malaysia, DACSTV Rooms consist of various leading hotel brands. DACSTV Special Rooms have been prepared by the leading hotels for special treatment. DACSTV also provides “DACSTV Village Homestay” rental for relaxation time with village view, transportation rental services or special tour guides for customers in need.

Your patronage helps us keep the area undeveloped and preserved for future generations to enjoy and explore.

Collaboration that yields for more creative result!