DACSTV has selected some of the best Traditional Malaysian cuisine as a valuable choice against Malaysian culture with the most admired and beautiful dishes in addition to excellent service and pure enjoyment. Malay cuisine is famous for its lively and varied flavors, historical influences from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Mindanao and Southern Thailand. Malaysia specifically consists of 13 states, and is home to mostly Malays, Chinese and Indians, but its population is a beautiful cultural hub and ethnic group, making the gastronomy here an interesting combination of spices, flavors and cooking techniques. Historically, Malaysia was part of a very successful spice trade, most of whose records date back to the 15th century.

Traditional Malay Cuisine

Delicious seafood, grilled fish: a very diverse taste of Malaysian cuisine, which has become the worldwide standard for a great dining experience.

Western Food Cuisine

Colorful, spicy and flavorsome Western Food cuisine appeals to eye and taste. Fall to its temptation and relish hearty chicken burger, fresh-grilled fajitas or try iconic cocktails.


Traditional China Cuisine

World-renowned classy dishes from The Land of the Raising Sun: traditional miso soup, yakitori, sashimi and sushi with variety of ingredients. Simplicity and delight are key!

Traditional Indian Cuisine

Exotic spices, vegetables and piquant taste… We serve Tandoori Chicken, Chole, Rogan Josh, rice or vegetable specialties and many more famous dishes of Indian cuisine.